Friday, May 28, 2010

Hat, Sock, Mitten, Cracks.

The Frog has recently developed a few new interests. The first being cracks. He likes to look in cracks in sidewalks, notice what's near the crack in the book, and the other day I heard him saying to himself from a different room, "stack. crack. book." over and over to himself. Later, I discovered this.

Which is a perfect segue into another new interest: using books as blocks instead of reading material. He most enjoys making "doors" and "houses" as he calls them. The main difference between the two is a house has a pointy top, whereas a door not need have any roof at all. (though it is allowed)

He also suddenly decided that he likes to wear hats on his head and socks or mittens on his hands. One morning he wanted to wear a pair of socks on his hands, but the sock he chose has no mate. (It's the one with the star. That's why he likes it.) So I suggested he wear a mitten on the other hand instead. This reminded him of his winter hats, so he picked out one of those and commenced stacking his books, however difficult, with mittened hands. Rest assured, his head didn't get cold, during this arduous task.

He didn't wear them all day (I think he got too hot) but the next morning, first thing, he wanted to put his garb back on.

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