Tuesday, September 20, 2011

General Update

I've realized that it's been awhile since I've documented some of the recent achievements of my munchkins.  I know I won't remember them all now, but maybe I'll add things as I think of them later...
 Peach has become quite strong-willed and she can't be denied of anything her brother gets anymore.  He asks for milk, she wants some too.  He has a car, she needs one.  He gets up from the table during dinner to run around (much to my chagrin and constant disapproval.)  Our once peaceable baby is giving me great incentive to get her older brother to be better behaved.  It's clear that his example has an effect on her.
 The Frogs latest endeavor is to build "castles" out of our sofa cushions.  I'm sure I put them back at least twice a day lately...  Peach, of course, likes to be involved as well.
 Peach has become more aware of speaking and often tries to mimic the last thing you said.  Just today The Frog got a banana for himself, so of course, she wanted one too.  She pointed at his banana and started fussing and so I asked her if she wanted a banana and she assured me with a "nana".

She's been saying "bye bye" for a long time, and says it constantly with any object she can find held up to her ear.  She's also started saying "baby" in the last month, usually while patting her own chest, or squeezing and patting any stuffed animal in sight.  It's completely adorable.
 She is threatening to walk every day- taking a step or two more than yesterday without falling.  Although I don't blame her for being hesitant because it seems like every time she's on a roll, her brother promptly crashes her to the ground.  You can tell by her cries of frustration that it hurts her pride more than her body.
The Frog also likes to use our kitchen chairs as a "spaceship" and whenever I try to put them away for us to eat he says, (in the classic whiney tone) "But MOOoooooOOM!" and then adds thoughtfully, "but what will I use as a spaceship?"

The Frog is constantly correcting me and punching holes in commands-
"Actually, it's a castle mom, not a house."

Me: "Please come sit down so I can change your diaper."
The Frog: "Actually, you want me to lie down, right?"

At dinner, The Frog keeps poking Peach,
Me: "Please keep your hands to yourself"
The Frog instantly begins kicking her legs...

He is very clever and pedantic, even at 3.  I wonder where he gets that from...

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