Monday, September 5, 2011

Phone Pics

I don't sync my phone very much, so here are a few pictures I took off it when I got the volleyball ones off.
The Frog ALWAYS requests a ridiculously unmaneuverable car shopping cart when we go to the grocery store.   I usually have Peach ride up top to avoid injuries and crying at the store, but Day's Market's car shopping cart is slightly smaller and more maneuverable than the other stores and it lacks the upper seat.  I thought I should document this "first".
 Since the car shopping cart incident didn't go too badly, I decided to try my luck with the bike trailer and go to the park.  The ride there was great.  The ride home... never mind.
 I have no idea what we were doing in these.  Probably just bothering Iris in her room...
 Peach LOVES Iris's Japanese cell phone.  Probably because of the cute things hanging from it.
I love this one.  It seems so accurate somehow...

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Kirsta and Morian said...

hey, my kids had their first experience in the car shopping cart as well just the other day. Kenzie absolutely loved it! she was so excited!