Saturday, September 17, 2011

Iris's Volleyball season starts!

It has been so fun to go to Iris's volleyball games (it helps that they have won every game so far...) and I have certainly gained a great respect for sports photographers.  It is HARD to get a good picture of the action!  They start every game lined up and name the players.  At home games, when their name is called, they wave and throw a t-shirt into the crowd.  Iris (6) always gets called first and the first game was at Provo High and they totally butchered the pronunciation (basically they made took a Japanese name, removed a syllable and made it an American name.) and she didn't realize they were announcing her. haha
I really really really wanted to get a reel of photos that showed her serving, but it's pretty hard.  Jay and I both took over 200 pictures trying to get a couple that show you how awesome she is, but everything goes so fast it's super hard.  (and they move so fast they're almost always blurry...)  Here is a conglomeration of more than one serve to make a mini "reel" from their game agains Provo:

We call this next one the "crazy hair" shot:
 I think it's so awesome that even though she's only 5'3", she's one of their main hitters.


aaand she does it again...
We brought the whole family to watch her JV game and decided we will never do that again...  Now we just take turns going to JV and Varsity (the games she plays) for home games (or Provo 'cause it's close too).
Timpview and Provo are rivals and I think Provo has been the best in the league in the past, but we beat them this year- much to everyone's surprise.  It was epic.  They had to play 4 matches- won the first 2, lost #3, and won #4.

This is game 2 at Timpview against Timpanogos.

Again, they had to play 4 matches- it was intense.  Well worth being an hour late to my book club. :)

Game 3 vs. Springville, I gave up trying to take pictures BUT here is a link on The Daily Herald of a MOVIE of shots from the game and an interview with the coach.  Iris is pictured many times.  (it's obvious who she is because she's the only Asian...) I would just like to point out that I am in the background when the coach is talking- orange shirt, crazy crimped hair, and turquoise bag.  oh yeah.  I wasn't even trying.  I don't think they mentioned it, but Timpview beat Springville pretty easily, which is awesome considering their past (which they mention).

The Deseret News picks out names of players that were especially helpful in each game, and Iris is specifically mentioned vs. Provo and Timpanogos.

Though it's hard to pinpoint one thing that has made this year so successful for Timp, I'm willing to bet that Iris is at least one of those reasons :)

Too bad I can't claim any of her talent is because of me...

Nice job Iris!

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