Friday, September 23, 2011

Kid Conversatoin

Today The Frog wanted an Otter Pop, and I always make him take off his clothes (for obvious reasons).  Once doing that, I immediately noticed the saggy state of his diaper and told him I needed to change it first.  He says to me:

The Frog: "Mom, don't you wanna know how I feel about it?"
Me: "Sure"
The Frog: (sincerely) "I like being squishy."

Then later today we walked to the grocery store (The Frog rode his new bike) to try and get some fennel (which they didn't have).  I realized to late that this meant I couldn't trap The Frog in a shopping cart (because I had to carry around his bike and push Peach in the stroller).  It could have been worse, but let's just say I ended up buying some character band aids and a bag of dum dums that I wasn't planning on purchasing...

When we first walked into the store, they had a little Halloween display and I kept calling to The Frog, trying to get him to join me in produce.  This is what he said to me:

"Mom, I'm just curious about this stuff!  I'm curious, mom!"

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LRH said...

I got a fennel bulb at Sunflower market. :)