Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Now I'm Perfect!

Happy Birthday to me!  It was pretty cool being a cube, but this year I get to be perfect!!  Note the factors of 28: 1*28, 2*14, 4*7.  Note their sum (w/out 28, obviously...) 1+2+14+4+7 = 28!!  Cool huh?  That is called a perfect number and that is why I am looking forward to my perfect year :)
It started off with a perfect day too:
Exhibit A:
 Jay squirms at the thought of crumbs breakfast in bed, so he snuck in (because he let me sleep in) and left this tray for me on a "table" (diaper box) in front of my nursing rocking chair.  I never thought I would ever get breakfast in bed, because of his aversions to it and so this was a most excellent, stupendous, happy surprise!

He also outdid himself and made lunch (frozen pizza) and dinner (spaghetti and meatballs).  It was so nice to not cook for a whole day!  I can't even remember the last time...

AND he made this cake for me at my request.  It was sooo good.  It was more like a brownie cake with ooey gooey frosting.  mmmm.  And it was malty.  I highly recommend it!
 The Frog insisted on putting in the candles.
 I insisted on lighting all 28 of them.
 The Frog insisted on blowing them out.
 I insisted on a pretend blowing out picture because it would take way too long to relight them.
 Peach insisted on rubbing the delicious cake all over her body.
 I insisted she have a bath in the sink.

Now, before all you ladies get jealous and down on your men for not being as spoiling as mine, I'd just like to remind you that this it was not only my birthday, but our anniversary.  So for my first birthday/anniversary gift I got these babies:

I can't WAIT to do my laundry!!

Then he said he would dedicate some of his monthly "fun money" to getting me 3 hours of cleaning service every month- for all those little things I just can't get to.  He must know how I'm a perfectionist and dusty moulding and fingerprinted kitchen cabinets really stress me out...

And THEN after the kids were in bed, we went shopping for a birthday outfit (which, I sadly couldn't find anything I liked.  How weird is that?) and as we left Down East Outfitters I asked where we should try next and he said.  "Sorry, we're out of time.  We have to be somewhere now."

And he took me to see these guys:
They're called 1964 the Tribute.  Meaning they are Beatles impersonators and they were AWESOME.  Seriously!  Without my glasses on, they totally sounded, acted and looked just like (my all-time favorite band) The Beatles.  They also happened to play a lesser known Beatles song that just happened to be the song Jay and I danced our first dance as a married couple to- "Til There Was You".  Couldn't have planned it better, eh?
 It was sprinkling a bit at the beginning of the concert, so we had to cuddle under the tarp we were sitting on.  Darn.

Basically, I can tell this is going to be a perfect year!


WalkConkies said...

Wow, Libby! I'm going to have rewind a few years and remember my "perfect" year - I'm so glad you had such an AWESOME birthday, because we were out of town and forgot to do something for you! It looked like Charlotte wanted to blow out the candles. Love all the pics. Happy b-day! Oh, and you'll have to tell me how your maid service goes, b/c I might just beg for Santa to stuff a certificate in my stocking for that 3 hours a month :)!

Lindsay said...

Nice! So glad you got the royal treatment. You deserve it! Here's to a perfect year!!! :)

Brock said...

Also perfect: 6. I got a bike that year. Perfect, indeed.

Abaker said...

Happy birthday! Oh man, I am so jealous of your washer and dryer, they look fantastic.

Jared & Kat said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Your kids are adorable...looks like you guys are having a great time making memories :)

Lindsay said...

P.S. I love that photo of Peach. Its like she's saying "yeah? what you gonna do about it???" :P

Mel said...

I love how you apply your math knowledge to ages. I always look forward to hearing the interesting math factoids about my new age when my birthday comes. I can't wait to be perfect, too!

Glad you had such a great birthday! I'm excited to celebrate with you in a few weeks!