Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Frog!

The Frog turned 3!  3 is the first odd prime, so that's pretty cool...  I couldn't stand to make The Frog wait until dinner to open our present to him, so I wheeled it in first thing:
 We got him a Strider PREbike

Whenever we eat The Frog always asks me, "mom, does it stain?" and if I say "yes" he takes off his shirt and requests that Jay do the same.
Surprise, Iris!
The Frog often likes to "make cupcakes" when I'm cooking which means he climbs up on to the counter, gets out the cupcake papers, and fills them with sprinkles.  So long ago I asked him what kind of birthday cake he wanted this year and he said "pink."  I asked him several times since then and every time he says the same thing so I just dyed a white cake pink.
He, of course, wanted to put in his own candles.
Here he is getting ready to eat his requested birthday dinner- pancakes.  (I think the 3 turned out pretty well if I do say so myself...)  He's still learning how to put up 3 fingers- quite the challenge!
And finally, the moment The Frog has been waiting for...
He just loves to blow out the candles (on everyone's cake...) and they didn't even make it through "Happy Birthday".
The girls.
The pink cake.
The ever messy...
sugar coated...
I think this is the first year The Frog knew exactly what to do with the wrapped objects.
Nanie & Gampie sent these.  Thanks!! He loves them!

The matching set!  He has tons of fun in the sandbox, and now I get to find piles of sand all over the yard.  Hurray!  ;)  (ok, I admit it, I can't help but smile...)
And he's also showcasing something an older neighbor kid gave to him- a Spiderman car with a spiderman action figure inside (that can come out to play with).  He was going to take it to the DI because when you turn it on, it no longer drives around on it's own, though the headlights still turn on.  Our neighbor was holding it when The Frog rode by on his new bike and The Frog wanted to play with it.  Our neighbor gave it to him for his birthday and he has no clue that it doesn't even work properly.  As far as he's concerned, it's awesome.  He takes great pleasure running around the house saving things and casting webs at his sister.  (better than casting toys...) 

Happy Birthday Frog!  I can't believe how big you are and how much fun it is to have you around.

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