Sunday, November 11, 2012

Back Blogged...

I realized as I uploaded some photos today that I have old photos from before Hazel was born (my life right now seems to be divided into two- before Hazel, and after) that never got posted.
Peach being messy and cute with her Family Home Evening treat

The Frog made this fort completely by himself!!
I tried to get the kids playing in the leaves, but there weren't very many yet and they weren't into it for very long.
Ah, yes.  Peach is not wearing pants- a very common state for her lately...
And The Frog is wearing boots.  Also a common state.
Those ear muffs were a hot item all summer.  The kids fought over wearing them so often, I thought about giving them each a pair for their birthdays :)
They spent a lot of time in their sandbox.  I would just come out and sit in a chair and watch them.  They learned to be content with me just watching from a lawn chair, and not participating, towards the end of pregnancy.  That was about all I could muster.

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