Monday, November 12, 2012

First Snow!

Can you believe the warm-weather leaf jumping was just two days before this?

The Frog made this huge snowball completely by himself while I was inside nursing Hazel.

He loves throwing snowballs but it's completely nerve-racking  because they never fly predictably.  Guess this might be a good time to teach him how to throw properly.

Peach finally woke up but didn't know what to think.  It's hard for her to walk and she prefers holding your hand.  (which is great because she will never usually hold my hand)
The Frog's giant snowball was begging to be turned into  a snowman, and he thought there needed to be one for each kid.

It continued to snow all night long...
poor broccoli...
Once Peach discovered how tasty snow is, that's pretty much all she does outside now.  I caught her eating snow from a car bumper in the church parking lot yesterday.  Bleh!
Once the driveway was shoveled, Jay took the kids for "sleigh rides".

Notice Peach is still eating snow...
We really should get a sled... poor Jay- running in deep snow with all the gear is exhausting!
The Frog thought it didn't look too hard.  Peach- still eating snow...

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