Sunday, November 11, 2012


If you remember my crazy nesting post, two of the things I had listed to do before Hazel arrived were to finish her baby quilt and to finish binding The Frog's twin bed quilt.  Well, I did manage to finish both of those- the latter got finished the night before!  Here are the finished pics I never posted!
I made this using this tutorial for the pinwheel sampler quilt, although I changed the sizes of everything so it would be a crib quilt and had to add an additional pinwheel, to make it work for this non-square shape.  I used 1930's reproduction fabrics from a remnants bin at my favorite quilt shop.  I have soo much extra that I think I'll make another baby quilt, for Peach (yeah yeah, it's a bit late...) but a totally different design.

My mother-in-law traded me her old embroidery machine for my Elna, and this is the first quilt I have quilted using that.  It is SO AWESOME!
Look how perfect the quilting is!!!  I am sooo bad at machine quilting and am sooo excited to be able to use this to help me out.

And here is The Frog's twin quilt.  Sorry about the bad lighting, I was just trying to check this off the list before Hazel...  (I was actually unknowingly in labor when I took these photos :D)

My sister-in-law's mother did the quilting on this for me.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but the quilting says "ABC123".
Lately, one of the kids' favorite things to do is watch a slide-show of pictures of themselves on my computer.  Now, Peach loves being in pictures and she's always trying to get in front of the camera (and then wants to see what she looks like right away), sometimes she won't pose long enough for me to get a good shot before she's coming toward me saying, "I want to see Peach!"

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Rachel Marie Gold said...


This post combines two of my favorite things - kids and sewing! I love the soft colors of the pinwheel quilt - I have also amassed a bunch of those 30s repo prints and I just love them. Gentle colors, cute little designs of flowers and animals. And the quilting (on both) is just *beautiful* - really, they look fantastic. I like the bold blues and browns for the Frog's quilt as well. For me that's one of those I-never-would-have-thought-to-do-it-like-that-but-love-it! quilts.

So you managed to use an embroidery machine to do the quilting? How was it getting things lined up?

Also, I love the Halloween costumes! You could probably just reuse the coats as cute little kid coats, no? Blue homer bird was perfect and hilarious!