Monday, November 26, 2012

Kid Conversation

I have quite a few kid conversations that I've emailed myself, waiting to post here.  Here we go:

Peach often tries to sleep with so many stuffed animals and dolls that there is hardly room for her.  I try to sneak some of them back downstairs to keep in manageable, but she always needs to have at least one baby, her dalmation dog and her lamby.  At bedtime:
Me: Peach, what's your baby's name?
Peach: (thoughtfully) Jesus.

The Frog is playing with Star Wars action figures.
Peach: (talking to Hazel while I nursed her) Hazel is Chewbacca.
Me: Hazel is Chewbacca?
Peach: No, (pointing at the Chewbacca action figure) is Bacca.
Me: Ohhh.  You're telling Hazel that is Chewbacca.
Peach: NO!  No two Bacca, only one Bacca.

While reading a book about space before bed-
Me: (reading from the book) Do stars shine forever?
The Frog: No
Me: How long do they shine?
The Frog: Only at night.

The Frog saw the Thanksgiving turkey defrosting in the kitchen sink-
The Frog: What's that?
Me: A turkey
The Frog: Why?
Me: We have to defrost it so we can bake it.
The Frog: Open it up! I want to see it!  I want to see its eyes.
Me: They cut its head off before we get it, so you won't be able to see them.
The Frog: Well, what did they use?  A knife?  or a sword?

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