Sunday, November 11, 2012

How It's Goin'

So.  How is it going from man-to-man to zone defense?  It's actually been really great.  Both kids are so loving toward their new little sister, it's night and day compared to last time we introduced a sibling...
But I don't really blame The Frog for being so jealous of his new little sister last time- it must be hard getting all your parents' attention and then suddenly having to split it 50-50.  But this time was totally different and Hazel is getting lots of love  and attention from all.
Peach is borderline obsessed with her new baby sister.  She will often sneak upstairs just to look at Hazel while she's asleep.  (Which would be fine if she didn't also put her stuffed animals in the crib- they need to nap too- and/or violently shake the crib while trying to climb up for a better view.)
I tried to get a good shot of the 3 of them, but gave up and took a picture of Peach's short-lived pigtails instead.  So cute- I wish she'd keep them in!
Peach uses the potty whenever she feels like it, I am completely not pushing the issue because I don't really have the flexibility in my schedule for potty training right now.  But, she will often go join The Frog when he needs to go.  (The Frog just got his hair cut and I styled him into a bit of a mohawk when it was all over.  You like?)
One night, at bed time, they all wanted to be swaddled (or "waddled" as Peach says) like Hazel.
Peach really loves holding her sister.  She loves stroking her face and head and often says out of nowhere, "I love Hazel."
Unfortunately, there has been more than one middle-of-the-night, Hazel-diaper search because they are all mysteriously gone from the changing table.  This is one of the reasons why...
Hazel is a really really easy baby, so far (knock on wood).  We hardly know she's around because she sleeps so much- although because she's so sleepy, she does take a long time to nurse, which can be annoying to be tied down for such long periods of time with two toddlers reeking havoc.  I think they're starting to realize that they can get away with more when I'm nursing.  But that will ease up a bit in a few months when she can go longer between feedings, so for now, I'm just practicing my ability to Keep Calm and Carry On.
It helps that she's soooo stinkin' cute!

I must say I am soooo grateful to all my neighbors who have been so kind and thoughtful to our family right now!  We've had several meals dropped off, many offers to let the kids play somewhere else so I can nap, and even grocery store runs.  We have the best neighbors anywhere!  I'm also learning to do less, and be okay with it- the yard will have to just wait until Spring.  (but thank goodness for the Roomba and Scooba!)

My heart is so full and I feel so blessed!  I'm just trying to cherish every little minute, with all my kids.  I can't believe how big Peach looks compared to Hazel... She used to seem so small, and I can't believe how big The Frog is now too.  They get big so fast and I feel so lucky to get to be with them for this short time.
Don't you just want to squeeze her?!

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Rachel Marie Gold said...

So many awesome posts to comment on! Love the opener =) That is sweet that Peach is so interested in Hazel - and I can really sympathize with sibling rivalry as I did NOT accept my brother graciously. The photos are just great, it's really visible how enamored Peach is. Also, I love those diapered stuffed animals =)