Monday, November 26, 2012

McCarthy's in Town!

Jay's family came to visit us this year for Thanksgiving, (which was a great excuse to see the new babe :D)  We blessed Hazel while they were here.
Hazel and Auntie K
Hazel and Nanie
 It was so nice to have a big Thanksgiving meal at my house (didn't have to go anywhere) but only make half of it.  Peach wanted to help me make the rolls, and thought it would be a good idea to taste the flour, directly off the counter:
 Gampie got to hold Hazel a lot while Nanie and I worked in the kitchen.
 Jay even helped in the kitchen!! (we had a hard time moving the 20 lb turkey around...)
We decided to start eating while the kids were napping, expecting them to wake up during the meal.  It was really nice to get to sit and eat quietly for the first half of the meal- best idea ever, Jay :)
 We went to the Natural History Museum up by Red Butte Gardens.  It was really cool, but I was in charge of following The Frog around, which means we were basically running through the museum from one thing to the next and I barely had time to take any photos.  But I did manage to get TWO.

 It was really cool.  I'd like to go again, and I was impressed with how kid-friendly and adult catered it was.
 Nanie bought gigantic gingerbread men for everyone to decorate.
The kids were all really into it!  I thought for sure Peach would just eat the candy right away, but to my surprise, she waited until her cookie was "done".
 Here's her finished product:
 And Auntie K's:
 The Frog was very thorough.  He wanted to use up ALL the candy.
 We blessed Hazel the Sunday they were here and though I got no pictures of Hazel in her dress alone, I did manage to sneak in a family photo.  She's wearing the dress Peach was blessed in, the booties I was blessed in, and I made her a new headband, just for her :)
 We had so much fun.  Gampie spent a lot of time reading the SAME Christmas book over and over and over (by the kids' request.)  He's an excellent story teller :)
Thanks for coming out, McCarthy's!  I wish we could get together more frequently, but we'll see you next Summer :)

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