Friday, February 22, 2013

Emergency Preparedness Month- Pancakes, 2 ways

Now that you know the basics about powdered milk, eggs, and whole wheat flour I want to share some recipes we use regularly.

This is the pancake recipe I make about every other day:
(adapted for food storage use from Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook)

In a large (mine is 6 c, you could use 4 c) liquid measuring cup whisk together:
1 3/4 c whole wheat flour*
3 T buttermilk powder**
2 T white sugar
1 T egg powder
2 t baking powder
1/2 t baking soda
1/4 t salt

In another 2 c liquid measuring cup combine:
1 1/2 c water
3 T vegetable/canola oil

now, pour the liquids into the dry ingredients and whisk until there are no more dry patches, but it can still be lumpy.  Then finish as you would cook an regular old pancakes- pour on a griddle/in a pan into nice round circles or fun shapes, and flip when the edges start looking dry and the bottom is nicely browned.  (If you want to add banana slices or blueberries, I always just place them in while waiting for the first side to brown).  Serve with butter and pure maple syrup.  (or pancake syrup, if you must...)

*I grind the wheat from my food storage into flour- I actually prefer the Hard Turkey Red for this.  I prefer the taste of whole wheat, but all-purpose is actually what the original recipe calls for
**You can also use dry milk powder and just add 1 T lemon juice or vinegar to the liquid ingredients.

This is a recipe from Everyday Food Storage (you are all going to think she's paying me for all this free advertisement, but no.  I wish!) that looked sooo awesome, I just had to try it!  You use whole wheat berries in it, and blend them after a soak, so you never have to use a wheat grinder, if you happen to not own one yet.

Blender Pancakes from unground wheat berries!

Since I'm off dairy right now, I used coconut milk instead of regular (or milk powder).  I think there might be a typo in the recipe- it say's to use 1 1/2 t salt, which is WAY more than my regular recipe uses with similar quantities of everything else.  So I put in only 1 t salt, and Jay and I still thought they were too salty.  Perhaps she meant to put 1/2 t?  They do have a different texture, not as fluffy as my regular ones, but I liked it- almost like it had cream of wheat in it.
Jay thought it was weird but said he could get used to it, but the kids ate theirs no problem, so I guess you'll just have to try it!
I decided to try making them the next morning, but using my recipe above, except with 1 c red wheat berries blended into 1 1/4 c milk (I used almond milk this time, just to try it).
Blend 1 c dry wheat berries (I used red) into 1 1/4c water until smooth (a couple of minutes) (may as well add the oil here too...)
Add rest of dry ingredients from above (from buttermilk powder to salt) and blend to combine.

I think they turned out much better!  Not too salty.  Much more fluffy.  I think I may up the milk to 1 1/2 c, though, because they were quite dense.  The kids only ate half as much as usual because they were full.

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