Thursday, February 7, 2013

Future Ballerinas?

I installed a mini ballet barre in my laundry room some time ago, and so the kids know about ballet and that I like to do ballet.  I don't have any pictures of them, but awhile ago I walked in the room and they were both standing on one leg and pulling their mouths wide with their pointer fingers (as is typical for Peach).  
Jay: Guess what they're doing.
Me: No clue.
Jay: Ballet.

hm.  I hope I don't look like that...

Anyway, the home I grew up in is now under contract to be sold to someone and they are planning to move as soon as the buyer sells their home.  As a result, my mom has been big-time cleaning out the house and making me take all my old stuff :)  I just received a garbage bag full of these:
 my old pointe shoes that used to be hanging up over my closet.  Not knowing what to do with them, I thought I'd at least take pictures before I chuck them.
 I, of course, couldn't stand it, and had to try a pair on:
 For some reason, it was surprising that they still fit, even though they are all mine...
Of course, this whole activity sparked questions from the kids, and I had to show them what they're for.  So, they wanted in on the action:
 Peach quickly decided they were not for her (which is surprising because she's always traipsing around the house in other people's shoes),
 but The Frog wanted to try them out...
maybe we have a future ballerino on our hands?

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