Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kid Conversation

I was at Lowe's with Peach and The Frog and despite losing sight of The Frog many times while shopping, we all managed to end up at the check-out line together.  Being distracted by trying to decide if another line would move faster, I suddenly realized I didn't know where The Frog was.  I assumed he was probably looking at something nearby, but when he didn't show up after the transaction was  complete, I started getting nervous.  I started walking up and down the main aisle, looking down each one, trying to find him.  Nowhere!  By this time I'm convinced he's been kidnapped and I was trying to figure out how to break the news to Jay when a thought occurred to me to check the car.  Turns out, he was playing on the flat-bed carts people had abandoned in between the two sets of doors leading to the outside.

Me: The Frog!!!  You scared the heck out of me!!!
The Frog: (laughing) I scared the hiccups out of you?

When I got home from Lowe's, I proceeded to make use of the screws we just bought, and had the drill and bits and lots of other tools out.

Peach: I like these drill bits.
Me: (sensing she wanted to take them all out) Please just look at them, ok?
Peach: I wish I could get drill bits like these when I'm a mommy...
Me: (not giving in to the cuteness) You do, huh?
Peach: These drill bits are my favorite color...

now you see what I'm up against!!

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cheryl said...

How scary! Those moments are so terrifying but it's hard to get upset when they are so innocent about it and with a response like that. The drill bits story is so adorable.