Friday, February 1, 2013

Train Smuggler

Hazel was lying on the ground while Peach played with trains.  I was off quickly doing something-or-other and thought nothing of it.

At Hazel's nap time, wrapped her as always and she was having quite a hard time falling asleep.  Eventually, though, sleep won over.  Sadly, she woke up only 30 minutes later... it had taken her long enough to fall asleep, that I figured I could feed her again and so I unwrapped her and took her to the changing table.  While carrying her unwrapped, I felt something hard on Hazel's stomach!  Her little outfit has a cute (but unnecessary) double-handed pocket on the front (like a pull-over hoody might have) and when I reached inside, I pulled out a train.

I still feel bad about making her fall asleep with that lumpy train in her pocket.

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