Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Food Fun

I've noticed that with kids, they appreciate small spices of fun among the every day.  I'm trying to find ways to add that, but ways that don't require more than 30 seconds of extra love (because I'm too lazy and I don't like messes...)  I've realized that we all have to eat.  Several times a day.  So giving my kids their food arranged more "fun" makes a big difference to them, and takes almost no extra effort from me.  Some things I do:

My kids (me too!!) love pancakes.  They eat them almost every day.  Some fun things we do with them:
smiley face pancakes.  pour the smiley face, let them cook a bit, then pour the circle on top.

Letter pancakes.  Make sure you pour them backwards so they end up looking correct on the 2nd side.

Pour mini pancakes (especially the "baby" ones from drips) and give them a little stack.

And I've discovered two triangles of a sandwich can make lots of pictures
butterfly: the body is a mini bell pepper from Costco with the top (seeds and stem) cut off.  carrot antennae.

Sailboat with blueberry "water" and carrot "seagull".
and wraps are arguably the most obvious:
ok, i admit it.  i let my kids eat fruitsnacks... but I feel better about it if it looks like hair :)

Anyone else do something easy, but fun?


Robby said...

Not easy, but amazing to just flip thru the pictures....

Robby said...

Not easy perhaps, but amazing!

Mama Chick said...

Cookie Cutters for sandwiches :) Also, Alex loves it when I make a truck sandwich. I'll tell you over the phone if you want to know.