Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Massachusetts Trip: Back at the Homestead...

We went back to their home on Sunday night or Monday morning (I forget...) and spent some time there.
Hazel really enjoyed exploring all the new toys they had for her to play with.  She did really really well, sleeping there, and was her jolly ol' self the whole time :)  #bestbabyever
Going to Parlee Farms has become a bit of a tradition, it seems.  Usually we pick blueberries, but as I mentioned earlier, we went out earlier than we usually do, and it was still strawberry picking season this time!  I'm glad, because I think strawberry-rhubarb pie is one of my most favorite kinds of pie.

As always, we had to feed the goats, chickens, and sheep.
And the bunnies were out this time!!! (they were gone last year for some reason)
Look how stinkin' cute they are, huddled around the little feed tube!
The Frog sporting mom's sunglasses...
I liked this picture because you get a good look at that cute little heart necklace Peach found somewhere in the attic and pretty much wore it every day for the rest of the trip.

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