Friday, July 19, 2013

Sun Oven Chronicles- Strawberry Pie

The highlights:
-it baked 2.5 hours (more than twice as long as the recipe requests.)
-it did brown, but I used an egg white wash
-the crust was not crispy and flakey, despite me having the feeling that it would be a good one while making it...  It was more like the pre-formed store-bought stuff.  (which is so not worth the calories...)
-some of the crust literally slid off from slow cooking- the crisco melted before it could bake properly
-the inside didn't set up very well
-tasted ok
-glass got really fogged up
-the strawberry drippings in the bottom cleaned up really easily!

I guess you really need the oven to be hot, hot for excellent pie, and 350 wasn't hot enough.  Guess we won't be having pie in an emergency... darn.

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Albert and Susie said...

Aw how sad. I'm glad you are sharing your sun oven fun or not fun. :)
I just got mine today so I will be putting it out to clean it with vinegar before using and then try some things.
Susie in northern NY