Thursday, July 25, 2013

Massachusetts Trip: A Beach in Maine

We left the lake, one last time on Sunday night.  I wish I had taken more pictures (really? more?) of the kids playing at home...  They spent lots of time especially with gampie's legos and driving power wheels around the yard.  The Frog is getting really good at it!

The only thing we still needed to check off our list was to go get lobster in Maine!
Jay's parents have a particular beach they like to go to, and we spent quite a bit of time climbing on the rocks around the coast.
It was an overcast day- felt very picturesque and "Mainey" to me :)

It looked like there must have been a sailing class going on while we were there.  Aren't those little boats adorable?
The Frog's Findings

After climbing the rocks out of sight for awhile, we climbed up back to "civilization" by a hotel that had an adorable little pond.  I had to take a picture of the waterlily.
Hazel's first encounter with the ocean was apparently astonishing :)

 I thought the water was freezing, but I should have known my hose-playing kids would disagree:

After working up an appetite, we went to THE lobster place Pam found with her "lobster radar".  She always knows how to pick a great joint.  (bonus: they had a playground!!)
This is one delicacy I will never attempt to make at home- steamers **shudder**  The boys love 'em.  Seriously though, even their fries were amazing.  (and I'm really picky about my fries...)  We will never go anywhere else, because it just won't be worth the price.
lobster roll + clam roll + fries = Jay's in heaven :)
And this concludes our amazing trip!  We are so grateful Jay's family lets us keep coming back!  Can't wait 'til next summer :)

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Keegan said...

I love Hazel's face when in the ocean -- priceless picture! Oh, and lobster -- that looks fun!