Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Iris's Volleyball Pics

We have taken a million-billion photos of Iris's volleyball games.  I have officially gained a new appreciation for sports photographers...  It's HARD to get anything to be non-blurry!!  

We have had so much fun going to all her home games (and a few aways that aren't too far) and we are excited to announce that the Timpview Volleyball team has qualified for the state tournament, ranked 2nd in our region!!  We are so proud of Iris- she is wicked good!
team lineup before announcing the players
It was always exciting to see how they would pronounce her name :)
Iris serving
I've never seen her miss a serve!
She may be short, but she is the left-side hitter.
This shot makes me think she should play basketball. :)
Don't worry- she got it!
Iris wanted to make something for everyone on varsity, and she designed these flags to pin on their bags herself.  She did the embroidery (THS and around the edge) and I helped her sew on buttons, cut stuff out, and sewed the colored part of the volleyballs with the machine.  I think they turned out really awesome!
super cute flags
warming up
L spikes it!
E just saves it!
Look how high Iris can jump!

There was always a small gathering of students to cheer the team on, and they always rushed the court when we won.  (which was most of the time :D)
hugging coach Bailey
At the last home game, they always celebrate the leaving seniors, but they also honored Iris since she will also not be returning next year. :'(
My friend took a picture for us, but Iris couldn't see where the camera was, haha.
The seniors and Iris :)

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