Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Since Iris had no school, we decided to head down to Rowley's Southridge Farm in Santaquin. I went a few years ago when The Frog was just a bundle.  I didn't remember having to pay for the hay-ride last time.  That was a bummer for me, BUT they have made it a bit more exciting now.
hay ride pulled by a tractor The Frog absolutely loved
This time they had a little maze.  The Frog loved running through it.  We had to drag him away from it to the pumpkin patch to finally pick out our pumpkins.
They had a really cute old fashioned truck loaded with pumpkins, in case you didn't want to bother walking through the patch.
They also had an old tractor around, which The Frog had to take for a "spin".

more running through the maze
oh yeah, did I mention that Peach walks now? yep! as of a week ago.
leave it to The Frog to find a way to cheat at the maze.

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