Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Natto and Chicken Curry

The latest installment of Japanese food:

Natto package.  Jay brought it all the way from Japan at Iris's request, since we can't find it in Utah.
(update: they sell Natto at the Sage Market in Salt Lake City.  That's the only place I've found it so far.)
Natto is basically just fermented soy beans.

Yes.  It's kinda slimy and stretchy like that once you stir it all up.
You eat it on rice.  I must admit- it's the first Japanese food Jay and I haven't liked.  I think if you like coffee, you might like this.  Jay and I think they have similar scents.
We got this curry mix at an Asian Market in South Provo, but I later found it at Walmart.

It's just chicken, carrots, potatoes and onion boiled and then you add the curry packet inside.  We used two mild ones and one medium hot.
I LOVE these. Kinokono Yama. (translated: mushroom's mountain)
The perfect amount of chocolate to crunch ratio with a healthy portion of completely adorable.
The Frog approves whole-heartedly.

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