Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Soba, Tempura, and Frog's 1st Picked Outfit!

We (and by we I mostly mean Iris) made soba noodles and tempura.  Turns out the noodles are meant to be served cold, which I thought odd.  You basically just cook them like the package says, and then Iris put them in a bowl with ice cubes to cool them off.  (She tells me this is usually eaten in the summer.)   Then we each had a little bowl of sliced green onion and Tsuyu sauce she uses so often for dipping the noodles in.

soba in tsuyu sauce
We did tempura again- this time carrots and red bell pepper.
carrot tempura

red bell pepper tempura
AND today was the first time The Frog has ever shown initiative about getting dressed and he picked this outfit out all by himself :)

strike a pose!

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