Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas is Finally Here!

Even though I already decorated with lights, it still just doesn't feel like Christmas until you have a tree up.  Last year, we never set one up, because of the flood and also because of the flood, our fake tree was ruined.  This year we decided to get a real one and then buy a fake one after Christmas when they go on sale, although after being reminded of the awesome smell, I may be willing to put down the extra cash each year.  I can smell it as I come down the stairs and it's fabulous!

I thought it would be fun if Iris and I made a few origami ornaments.  She did most of them, but I utilized the one thing I remember how to make from 4th grade, and thought it looked really festive glowing over a tree light.
glowing origami "balloon" or "box"

Iris's large crane

Joint effort- saw on Pinterest

Iris did this cutie

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