Monday, December 5, 2011

Triple Double Oreos? Iris Haircut!

I made some home-made oreos for a Dine-O-Round and we got to talking about the different Oreos.  Everyone seemed to be a fan of "cakesters" but I'd never heard of them!  I tried to find some at the grocery store next time I was there, but I couldn't see any.  I did, however, see the Triple Doubles.  Wha?  Iris and I thought we should give them a shot.
The Triple Double
Iris with "before" hair and the Triple Double package
Oh and these are my just-'cause-roses.  I love my boys :)
We also got Iris a haircut so her bangs would be out of her eyes.  Sorry for the blurry shot...  I her hair turned out super cute!
Super-cute new eye-revealing haircut

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