Saturday, December 31, 2011

Quick Trip to Moab Day 2 - Canyonlands

Thankfully, the kids slept in until 7:30pm after going to bed so late.  We went swimming in the morning and after running to the grocery store we headed to Canyonlands.
The kids promptly fell asleep and missed the gorgeous scenery on the way up.

As soon as we got to our destination (about 45 minutes later) and turned off the car, they promptly woke up!
Jay and I agree that the landscape reminded us a lot of the Grand Canyon, just more expansive.

After lifting The Frog up to this rock for what I thought would be a perfect shot, he stood up and climbed away from me.  I nearly had a heart attack because I couldn't see how close he was to cliff and I think the people nearby could hear my panicked voice and came to help.  Thankfully, he's fine, and I think, by the time we grabbed him, The Frog understood the gravity of the situation because he started crying.  I'm pretty sure I got at least 5 gray hairs during those 2 minutes.

Most of the vistas were a tiny walk from the road, which was perfect for the kids to be able to stretch their legs and walk a bit, but not so painstaking as a hike.

We noticed that there was snow only where there was shade.  I'm amazed it's lasted this long!  The weather was really beautiful, and I was totally comfortable in only a very light jacket.
After Canyonlands, we stopped at an elementary school playground before going out to dinner.

The Frog talking into the rainspout
We had dinner at a delicious Chinese place called Szechuan Restaurant on Main Street.  The first night we were recommended to the Moab Diner by a lady at a convenience store (we realized we forgot the wipes....) but we liked this place much much better.
Of course, the kids always love their nightly "ba".

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