Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cousins Here and Temple Lights

The MA cousins from my side were in town and we had so much fun with them!
Cousin C explaining the intricacies of the exhibit to Peach
 We took them to the Bean Museum at BYU, played around at our house and Iris made a delicious Japanese feast for everyone.  (of which I have no pictures because my battery died :( )
Gangsta Peach's new fashion statement

The boys were so fun to watch.  They get along really well together.

The only food shot I got (battery charged while eating)- only a bit of Miso soup was left untouched and I convinced Iris to just eat it so we wouldn't have to save a less than satisfying amount.  I also urged her to just eat from the pot, since our bowls were already in the dishwasher.  She is very respectful and so, obliged :)
After the cousins went back to grandma's and our kids were in bed, Jay and I wanted to take Iris to see the lights at temple square and this was the only night we could get a babysitter.  We had to park a few blocks away, and so we got to make use of the fun pedestrian flags.
 We walked by the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and had to go in and take a closer look at the exquisite tree and festive decor.  (and Jay and I wanted to show her where we had our wedding luncheon.)
 It was really crowded and really beautiful.  I'm bad at taking good night shots, so it's hard to tell.
Jay and Iris with the Salt Lake Temple in the background

Iris jumping down from the wall :)

Joy in Japanese
 For those of you who have never been to the lights at temple square- every year they have words like "Peace" and "Joy" in different languages lighted along a path of large nativities.  We found some Japanese :)  They even had a large Japanese nativity, which I thought was very cute.

We got to witness a marriage proposal too, which was awesome because I even told Iris on the way up that I see one almost every time I go :)

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