Friday, December 2, 2011

Kid Convos

I've been verrrry behind posting (as in nothing for 2 months!!) because sometimes I'd just rather live life than write it down.  However, some of the stuff The Frog says is just too awesome to risk forgetting, and so here are a few that I've remembered lately:

For those of you who don't know about the show Blues Clues, the main dog, Blue, often "Skadoos" into a picture doing a little dance.
The Frog: Mom, have you ever skadooed into a picture?
Me: No, honey, I haven't.  I don't think I know how to do that.
The Frog stands up right where his is at the lunch table and does the skadoo dance. "Like this mom!"

Yesterday, we had just left the grocery store and were running through the windy parking lot to get back to the car before freezing our tails off.
The Frog: Mom!  Wanna see what I got? (starts trying to unzip his puffy vest)
Me: (thinking) ohh no!  did he steal something?
The Frog: (rips off his vest and throws it to the ground and starts running with his arms out) Fur!! I have fur! Did you know that?
The Frog is still a dog lately.
I discovered once we got home that he had snuck some disgusting looking candy (a Juicy Drop Pop) through the check-out.  At least he didn't steal...

Later in the car on the drive home.
The Frog: Mom?
Me: Yes, hun?
The Frog: Did you ever go to the moon and find aliens there?

Still later on the drive home.
The Frog: (urgently) Mom! Stop! Stop the car!!
Me:  What is it?  (I pull over to the side of the road)
The Frog: (holding out a penny)  I need to put this somewhere.
He unbuckles and hops out of his seat.  Puts the penny in the little compartment next to me, and climbs back in his seat.

And then waaay back in September when it was still warm enough for popsicles...
The Frog: Mom, can I have a popsicle?
Me: Well, yes, but we need to change your diaper first.  You're getting pretty squishy.
The Frog: mOOOoooom.  Don't you want to know how I feel about this?...
I LIKE being squishy.

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