Saturday, December 31, 2011

Quick Trip to Moab Day 3 - Arches

This is a bad shot, but I was amazed by how many crows were lurking around- they were to Moab as Seagulls are to Salt Lake or Pigeons are to New York City.  
I wish I had instead taken a shot of them flying over the canyons and red rock- gorgous.
 I saw these at the gas station, and I'd heard about them only recently but had never seen them anywhere.  I had to try them.  Verdict?  Not impressed...  They're basically a Ding Dong in Oreo form.
Even though the Arches entrance is much closer to Moab, the kids again fell right asleep by the time we got in the car.
So Jay stayed in the car with the kids while we hiked to the higher vista point for Delicate Arch.  (I'm kind of glad, because we wouldn't have done the hike if the kids were with us)
It was amazing to me that standing in one place you had the above view, and when you turn around, it looked like this:
When Iris and I got back to the car, the kids had woken up and we went to the lower vista.  As you can see, the arch looks much further:
I took way too many pics of the scenery from the car, but everything was just so beautiful.

We drove straight home from Arches.  The kids did an amazingly awesome job, and I'm so glad, because we're going to be making another road trip, to much further away, very soon.

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Jennie said...

Love Arches! Beautiful area with all the red rock. Where to next? :)