Friday, May 3, 2013

Baby Food Friday: Easy No-Cook baby foods

I love prunes! I know they have negative connotations associated with old people and... certain issues... BUT they are delicious and naturally very sweet.  I especially like to have some ready to go on hand, in case all this solid food makes my baby constipated.  It's a great natural fix for that.  What's even better?  They are sooo easy to do.  No cooking needed:
I'm sure I just bought whatever was cheapest...  Notice they are being advertised as "dried plums" more and more, probably in an attempt at getting people to not be scared of "prunes".

put some in a container and cover them in hot water.  Let them soak until you have time to get back to them.  (at least 30 minutes)
 blend and I don't usually fill the ice cubes.  I just put a blob in, because they are so effective and babies are so small- I don't want to evade one intestinal problem and get another.
They are great to add to a food that maybe your baby wouldn't eat because of not being sweet enough.  And as I've said before, if you end up with extras, they are great in smoothies :)

Here's another easy (slow-cook) recipe that I make fairly often that uses prunes.  And here's one I want to try.

Other easy, no-cook baby foods:

just add warm water (or formula or breast milk):
baby cereals (I always start with single-grain rice because it's supposedly easiest to digest)

ready to eat:
no sugar added, apple sauce
canned pumpkin
plain, whole milk yogurt (I usually mix this with other foods)
ricotta cheese (I usually mix this with other foods)

mash fresh with a fork:

put through a baby mill: (or do a large batch and freeze extras)
canned peaches/pears in juice (not syrup)
prunes (dried plums) soaked in hot water until squishy (at least 30 minutes)

great finger foods- 9 mo +: (or put through a baby mill for earlier feeding)
canned green beans
canned black/kidney/pinto/etc. beans
frozen peas (especially great when teething)
diced melons (can freeze for a great teething treat too)
I'm sure I'm leaving things out...  suggestions?

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