Friday, May 31, 2013

Swim Suits

Every Easter "Nanie" (Jay's mom) gives the kids swim suits (which they wear at the lakehouse when we visit each summer) and we finally got a day warm enough to break them out in the yard!! (The Frog and Peach have already worn them several times at the pool...)

I was particularly excited for Hazel to try hers on, and since the neighbor kids were over, I thought it would be fun to get a big group shot.
As you can see, Hazel's sitting position isn't exactly reliable yet...

No biggie.  I'll just ask The Frog to hold her. He does it all the time...  (and our neighbor, S., lost interest...)
Me: "Can you look around her so I can see you?"
The Frog: "She got too heavy."  :S
I gave up and went for a solo shot in Hazel's "happy place".  (once she had regained composure after being dropped on her face....)  As you can see, no permanent damage was done to this cuteness :)
It's hard taking decent pictures when you're watching 5 kids under 6!

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cheryl said...

I love the idea of swimsuits for Easter! I think the pictures are great and that one of Hazel is so darling. Asher often needs to go to a solo happy place too. :) The girls were pointing out your girls' suits when we were at Target today talking about how cute they are.