Friday, May 24, 2013

The Cat in the Hat

2 things worth remembering:

Thing 1)  Peach adores her "Lamby", sometimes also referred to as "Missy Baby" (after the baby Missy in "Amelia Bedelia and the baby" a frequently requested read around here...)  I often find little lamby: 
-buckled in Hazel's car seat
-sitting in Peach's play stroller
-buckled in the infant swing or most frequently
-lying in Peach's bed with her "blankie" on top for covers.

My favorite is when she tells me on her way up the stairs- "Lamby is crying too much. She needs a nap!"

You can always tell when Peach needs a nap because she can be found on the sofa like this:

Thing 2)
Hazel can sit up!  (kinda...) It doesn't last for minutes on end, yet.  I admit I had to prop her up and move my hand at the last second for this picture.  But she was doing a great job before I brought out the camera. :)
The problem is, her feet look so tasty, she ends up folding in half trying to suck on them and it makes her flop over on her side.  I can't blame her- I have a hard time not eating those toes too...

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