Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hazel Accomplishments!

Jay was gone all last week, and most of the week before, so I'm a bit lacking in the photos etc. to share this week, after being in "survival mode" for so long.  But, I'm excited to say that Hazel has:
1) started scooting backwards!
2) started spending quite a bit of time in "crawling position", though has yet to figure out how to actually crawl yet.
3) been doing great with her baby food eating!  Yesterday she set an all-time speed record- less than 10 minutes to eat her serving of sweet potato plus 1 T baby rice.  I feel selfish for celebrating such a feat, but baby food feeding gets really tedious and messy and isn't one of my favorite things about having a baby...
4) been taking terrible naps lately (as in, for the last few months) and I've finally decided it's time to help her out and get her on a more predictable schedule.  She finally took a long afternoon nap yesterday, and after crying to sleep last night, she only woke up once to eat!!  I'm sure I'm celebrating too early, but it looks like a longer chunks of sleep might actually be in my future!  (if I could just get The Frog to stop wetting the bed... through his pull-up...)

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