Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hazel Eats!

Last week, Hazel turned 6 months old!!  I was going to wait a few days to give her solids (because I really don't look forward to this time.  Nursing is just so quick and easy...) but The Frog and Peach were playing so nicely outside together, I had some time and she just happened to need to eat... 
What the heck?
Here she is, sitting in the high chair for the first time.  She could tell something was up, not not really sure what.
 She quickly discovered the munchability of the new addition to her outfit.
 It was tricky getting her to keep it out of her mouth...
 As you can see, some of the baby rice cereal did make it into her mouth.  (at least briefly...)  Despite what this picture shows, I don't think she particularly enjoyed it.  She made a lot of funny faces that I wish I could have captured on camera.
In the end, I let her have the spoon as a prize.

Happy May!

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