Monday, August 5, 2013

Battle Creek Falls

One of my neighbors recommended hiking Battle Creek Falls in American Fork- it's pretty short (about a mile round-trip) and fairly shaded, so we decided to go hike it on a whim two Saturdays ago when Hazel woke up from her afternoon nap really early.

The Frog was really excited about the "cave" he found.

Peach kept touching her face.  after touching the ground.
 There were a couple of places on the trail where there was a sort of "off trail" nearby that was clearly somewhere people often ventured, but wasn't as cleared as the regular trail.  Our kids preferred the adventure of climbing over fallen limbs and trying to stay as close to the creek as they could.

 Hazel was just happy to be here, as usual :)
The trail doesn't force you to cross the creek, but the "off trail" does.  Of course, The Frog was pleased by this. :)
 We saw a lot of dogs on the hike, and Peach tried to pet them all.  She was pretty sure that, "Mommy, that doggy likes me!"

And here it is!  The end gets a bit steep, so make sure you're wearing shoes with good tread.  (i.e. not my converses...)

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