Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Proud Tent Owners!

So our ward has an annual "Fathers and Sons" camping trip every August, and this was the first year that Jay was in town for it, and we felt The Frog was old enough to have fun at it... which means we had to finally buckle down and get a tent.

As soon as it arrived (from amazon.com, where else?) The Frog was relentless about me setting it up and let's face it, I get a real sense of pride about setting up a tent "all by myself".  Sometimes I think it would be exciting to be dropped in the middle of nowhere with a rock and told to survive.  (as long as there were no gigantic spiders and poisonous snakes....)

Anyway, so here it is, in the family room:
And it was actually a pretty awesome source of entertainment!  The kids took stacks of books (and requested our 2 sleeping bags) and actually did something sedentary, of their own volition, for quite awhile!

Until Hazel woke up... they quickly discovered how hilarious it was to lock her out and knock her down through the walls.... :(  (and that's when it came down...)

So now you know, we don't always get along... ;)

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