Thursday, August 8, 2013

Saturday Sampler Quilt

In May I showed off all my completed Alphabet blocks from the Saturday Sampler class at American Quilting, in Orem.  I put the quilt together before our trip to visit Jay's family, so I could use my mother-in-law's awesome machine quilting setup.  It was amazing! I quilted the whole thing in only a few hours!!  I'm really pleased by how it turned out.

There was a finishing kit you could buy at the quilt shop, but I wanted to use different colors so it would blend a bit better in the "theater room" (as we call our TV room, since we don't actually have TV hookups.)

Here's a link to what their completed quilt looks like.  And here is mine!!
I machine embroidered the name of all the blocks on the back, so I would remember.  I didn't do any letters on the front, out of laziness, but I think it's kind of fun to figure it out based on the names (and they are in alphabetical order, so it's pretty easy to figure it out.)

up close to admire the swirly quilting
Here's the room I wanted the quilt to kind of blend in.  As you can see, my gray, yellow and purple does much better than their turquoise, red, and gray.  I was really nervous, because I'm not that great at picking out colors, but I think it turned out really well!!
Yay for completing quilt number 9!

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Keegan said...

Wow! It really is beautiful! Way to go!