Monday, August 26, 2013

Kid Conversation

I hesitate to post this one, because I don't want people wondering where Peach got her example from... (I assure you, I wonder the same thing!)  BUT, I find it interesting to note where her little 3-year-old mind thinks authority comes from.

Peach is playing with her baby in the other room.  I am eavesdropping while doing the dishes:
Peach: [to her baby] (as if she's warned of this many times) okay... I'm going to have to throw you then!
Me: Peach!  We don't throw babies!
Peach: But mom!  She's not cooperating! (she throws the baby)
Me: (hoping this may extend to Peach's treatment of Hazel) Honey, you have to be more patient with babies.  Babies are just learning!  They need to be taught.  Throwing them isn't going to teach cooperation.
Peach: Mom!  (pointing at a blank spot on the wall) The sign says to throw babies.

There you have it: if it's written down on a sign, it must be true.

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