Monday, August 1, 2011

Berry Picking and Maine Lobstah (Mass trip part 2)

Though we spent most of our free time at Jay's parents' lake house, we also went blueberry picking at a nearby farm. 
  The Frog loved it and even though he picked a LOT of berries, when we were leaving the field I noticed he had left his bucket in one of the rows.
Me: Where's your bucket?
The Frog:  It's over there (pointing waaaaaay down at the other end of the row)
Me: Well we need to go get it.
The Frog: But I ate them all! (running after Nanie)
 So, I went to retrieve the bucket and sure enough, it was completely empty.
 Jay's little sister, K, showing off the haul.  Jay's mom made the best blueberry pie that night.  Seriously, the crust was EVEN better than my grandmas!  (and that's saying something!)
 They also had a few animals we could feed.  This particular goat was very friendly.
And no post is complete with a display of Peach's cuteness.
Another day we drove up to Maine and got lobstah rolls at this great place that had a playground outside for the kids!  Honestly, I think they were more interested in the surrounding forested area and all the great climbing rocks.

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