Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Peach's First Birthday!

Happy Birthday Peach!!  1 is such a unique and awesome number to be!  I wish all kids could be old enough to understand and appreciate it before it's over.
 As you can see, my awesome "1 hat" that I made for The Frog was not well received.  (There's a reason I don't make her wear headbands anymore...)
 I made her a "1" pancake in honor of her big day and she quickly found a way to get even with me forcing her to wear the hat.
 Look at that face.  You can see she means business.

That night we had an extra-special meal (which I did not document with photos) because one of my best buddies from Stanford just happend to move to Provo last week and also just happened to share a birthday with Peach!  I just had to invite he and he husband and baby-to-be to join in the celebration.
 Here is Peach's cake.  You can't tell, but moments ago she was wailing and crying and as soon as we started singing "Happy Birthday" she instantly quieted and was totally into it.
Her first dainty taste.

Is this okay with everyone that I'm doing this?

The Frog of course had to get in on the action.

Not bad.  I'm proud of her for showing some restraint. :)

I of course had to make another cake for LRH (and the rest of us).  The Frog so graciously offered to help put in the candles.

This picture makes it look like she was really into opening presents, but The Frog ended up taking over in all cases.

and some presents she never touched while wrapped...

I helped LRH move into her kitchen last Saturday and she lamented about not having a good pancake pan.  I bought a large one and haven't used this one since (even though it works great) so I passed it on. :)


Abaker said...

Oh cool the Hansons came to visit! And they are having a baby, awesome!

LRH said...

That was so great watching Peach demolish her cake! And I already used the pancake pan and it was SO awesome. I can do it 4 times as fast now! Thanks blib:)