Sunday, August 28, 2011

Iris's Birthday Party!

I was really excited when I saw that Iris's birthday was going to be while she was here because I've been wanting to have a birthday party, but it seems silly to do a lot of hubbub for babies who don't care and won't remember.

We invited the JV/Varsity volleyball team with this fun little origami invitation we rigged up.
It's supposed to be a bag or a purse.

I printed the invitation in Disney-esque font (she chose it).  I don't own photoshop, so that address blurring is the best I could do...

We put little suckers (or lollipops, if you ask Jay...) inside.

Iris is a big chocolate lover, so I, of course, did a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  The Frog, of course, wanted to help put in the candles.

Iris's favorite color is purple, so we decorated with purple!

I just thought our present turned out cute, so I wanted to take a picture.  I just love wrapping presents! :)  I got a really great deal on a mini video camera and I thought Iris might be able to use it to capture some things she wants to remember while she's here.

The girls looking through a scrapbook Iris put together to show us about her home, family, and school.  I think the girls liked learning more about Iris- she is quite timid with her English and they also don't get to chat much at practice.
After cake and presents, Iris showed the girls some music videos from her favorite music group and now I think they're going to start a fanclub :D See for yourself.

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