Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ice Cream for Breakfast and Peach's 1st Shoes

The Frog caught something while in Massachusetts (we think from a McDonald's play place) called "hand, foot, and mouth" (and bum) disease.  Basically he had weird blistery red marks on his hands and feet (and bum) and his mouth was FULL of white canker-sore looking things.  The poor kid couldn't eat ANYTHING without crying.  It didn't start showing up until the plane ride home and this is the next morning.  As you can see we tried 4 things until we found something The Frog could eat:
 Pancakes with syrup, pancakes without, grape-nuts cereal, and vanilla ice cream.
He ate nothing but vanilla ice cream and peach creamies for about 3 days (he wouldn't even have his favorite thing of all time- milk).  Finally, Sunday morning, he was able to eat again.  Hooray!
Peach showed some signs as well, but wasn't affected nearly as badly as her brother.  I think, probably because I'm still nursing.
 I forgot to mention that Nanie bought Peach her first pair of shoes!  They are so tiny and cute.  It's amazing that any foot could fit inside of them.  This is the first pair that actually stays on her narrow little feet- thanks to the laces.  Unfortunately, though, I must always double-knot them because she likes to untie them and suck on them, otherwise.
 Other things I've been meaning to mention.  She is a complete chatter-box and her facial expressions when she talks to you are hilarious.  I know she thinks she's really communicating.  My favorite is when she leans into you with her face really close and her eye brows raised, like she has something very important for your ears alone.  She often responds "yes" when you ask her questions (not matter the question), and can often be heard repeating something (over and over and...) resembling "do it?" or "do that?"  (she says it like a question).  These were all developed on vacation, but since she's been home, I think she's trying to say her brother's name- "Dak".  It's obvious that she can understand a lot of what you say to her already- recognizing her name or if you say "where's *The Frog*?" she will look where he is and smile, or crawl to where he is.  She will clap if you say "clapping" too.  It's amazing how much ahead of The Frog she is verbally- though I've heard girls are usually much faster at that than boys in general.  She really likes walking holding your fingers and can stand by herself, but when you try to make her, she starts whining and squats down.  I can't believe she's turning 1 this month!  It makes me so sad to loose my baby already...

The kids haven't been sleeping well since we got home.  (something I've come to expect after flying back East...) They have been waking up at 5:30 every morning since we got home, and won't go to bed until 8 or 8:30 (we used to be on a 7pm-7am schedule), even though we start getting ready for bed at 6.  It's quite aggravating.  We have officially moved them into the same room, too, in anticipation for our foreign exchange student-- that is probably the main bed-time disrupting, contributing factor.
And finally, I wanted to start trying some things on for Halloween costumes.  This year is gonna be awesome (I hope!)  Any guesses?  (I've decided not to use these old wings for her.  She hates them, so I'll probably make smaller ones for her instead)

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Rachel Marie Gold said...

It would be hard to top the amazing costumes you made last year. I officially register my guess as a Peter Pan theme. Though I'm biased 'cause I've done that one before for my friends' kids :)