Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Lakehouse (Mass Trip Part 3)

Man was it hot while we were there!  We get over 100 every summer in Utah, but that's nothing compared to 100s with insane humidity!  Luckily for us, we had a cool lake to beat the heat with.  (and we did because the lake house is not air conditioned...)
 Peach, sporting the adorable swim suit Nanie and Gampie got her for Easter.
 Showing me one of her latest finds- an old rusty nail.
 Jay's little sister, K has become quite the swimmer since I've met her.
 Exploring the tubes.
 Siblings sitting in a kayak together.  The Frog loved taking these out with mom or dad.
I took this to show off The Frog's amazing farmer tan.
 Peach LOVES the water.  Her favorite thing to do is splash- even though she mostly just gets herself in the face.
 K again.  (side note, isn't she so lucky to look good with wet hair?  I, on the other hand, look bald...)

Jay's older bro, Uncle Joe.
 You know it's hot if Nanie will get in the water :)
We all got to go tubing too.  Though The Frog didn't love the tubing part, he really liked riding in the boat.
 Gampie, K, and Jay all got to go at the same time!

 The Frog LOVED trying to find frogs and salamanders- though once he discovered the salamanders, he refused to walk into the lake through the shallow part because he was afraid he'd step on some.  He opted for jumping off the dock instead (which I, sadly, have no pictures of)
 A frog I found for The Frog.  Unlike his Uncle, though, I would not pick it up for him :)
 Look at this crazy scary spider hanging out on the dock.  Gives me the heebie jeebies.
 Some gorgeous lilies Joe planted.
 One of the neighboring lake houses has a really cool inflatable "raft" that The Frog liked to call "the bouncy raft" because he liked jumping on it and making people fall off.  (at least he thought he was making people fall off :) )  It was too far for him to swim there, though Jay liked to swim.   So Jay would pull The Frog in a kayak.  Well one day, The Frog fell asleep in the kayak on the swim back.  He stayed asleep there for quite awhile.  So cute!
 Showing off his latest salamander catch.
 The Frog did such a great job swimming, I couldn't believe it!  He would jump off the raft all the time and even swim under the raft.  (which I would NEVER do- too many spiders...)
 On the drive home from the lake house I always can't help but snicker at these two town names: Athol and Belchertown.  Makes me giggle even now :)

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