Monday, August 15, 2011

Outings with Iris & 1st home-cooked Japanese meal

Iris made the Timpview Volleyball team!  Hooray!

However, this also means that she spends (usually more than) 4 hours a day at practice and her time will only be more limited once school starts.  So, we're trying to take advantage of her relatively free schedule (and lack of homework) to see some of the biggies before school starts.

First off, we took advantage of Thanksgiving Point's $2 Tuesdays and took her to the Dinosaur Museum.  (The Frog's favorite)
I'm finding it to be less picture-worthy every time I go (I already have a picture of The Frog playing in the water/sand/etc etc), which saddens me.  Nevertheless, I did manage to take a couple shots.
Believe it or not, this is one of many pictures I tried to take here, and this is the best one...
I took complete advantage of Iris's love for cooking and asked her if she wanted to make a Japanese dinner one night.  To my delight she seemed eager to do so and I discovered there is actually an Asian market pretty close to my house (and very close to BYU campus).  It was fun to look through there and have her see certain snacks and say "oohhhh" or laugh.  I wish I had taken pictures of the ingredients before she put them together.  This picture is half of a "his and her" set of chopsticks she gave us.
This is her miso soup.  It smelled so good and was very tasty too!  It's basically water, this miso soup paste stuff, very cute-looking and very tall, skinny mushrooms, green onion, and tofu.
This is hard to tell what it is, (I'll take a picture of it frying next time...) but it's tofu wrapped in seaweed, dipped in egg and fried, and sitting in some kind of... sauce?  broth?  It was good.
This is one of the snacks at the store that she stopped and said "OH! I like these!" So I thought we should get them to try.  That was Peach's favorite element of the meal.  We also all had large mounds of sticky rice.  I really like that stuff!  I can see how they can eat so much of it plain.  I love how light, yet filling everything was.  I didn't love how when you eat sticky rice with a baby on your lap, you end up with it permanently plastering the lower half of your body.  They don't call it sticky rice for nothing!
Saturday we went to the Hogle Zoo- Everyone's first time except for me, and I can't even remember the last time I went.  They have this Zoorassic Park thing going on right now where there are all these robotic dinosaurs that move and roar or spit water at you and The Frog LOVED THEM.  He was much more interested in looking at the fake dinosaurs than the real animals.
I took too many animal pictures- mostly because I wanted to practice manual focus.  I'll only include some of my favorites- I really like elephants.  There's just something about them that makes them seem so lovable.  Perhaps I should blame Snuffy.
This is a Lynx that I just happened to catch yawning.
The giraffes are sooo cool.  I love watching their tongues and they just have such interesting features.
These two were kind of giving each other a hug- rubbing up against each other, but not anymore by the time I tried to take a picture.  Still, aren't they just beautiful?
Had to get the classic drinking fountain shot.  The Frog thought it was really cool to drink in it's mouth and felt like he needed to reassure us that it wouldn't close on us.
I don't think I ever realized how long kangaroo's front arms were.  Cartoons always draw them to be so short!
The Frog was really really excited by the carousel and just HAD to ride it.  I was very surprised by his choice in seats.
Peach was content to watch and was a really really good sport about being in the stroller practically the whole time.
I don't even know what these are, but I love that one is feeling inside the other's ear. It reminds me of Dr. Seuss.  (One Fish Two Fish anyone?)

By the time we left, it was very hot and we were all worn out.  I sat in the back of the Honda, squished between two carseats and I don't think we had been in the car more than 5 minutes when I turned and saw this.

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