Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Pics From My Phone

 I think this picture is so funny, thought I can't really pin-point why.  For some reason, The Frog and Peach really like hanging out in the shower in the morning.  The Frog likes to hand down the supplies to his sister.  Whether or not she likes it, is unclear.
 My little diva playing dress-ups with daddy.  haha.

 This is my lap-top case that The Frog loves to carry around and tell me "I'm going to work, mom!  See you later!"  If I'm lucky, he'll put on Jay's hiking boots and drape some wrapping paper ribbon around his neck too.  On this particular occasion, he somehow managed to take off down the street.  (daddy usually walks to work too...)   Also, I keep a USB memory device in that pink bag and he likes to walk around the house and use it as a whistle.

We moved the kids into the same room after we got back from vacation.  Bed-time instantly became very very very painful.  (as opposed to semi-painful)  Then, The Frog discovered he could climb into Peach's bed.  We don't really care too much, as long as he stays in his room and he's not making her cry.  Sometimes we can hear wild laughter from both of them on the monitor- it's awesome.  And every few nights we find this: 
 (Side note: I took this picture in pitch-black with my iPhone.  I couldn't believe a) how well it turned out and 2) that the flashes didn't wake them up!)

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