Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Life Lately

I started this post at about mid-January and never got around to adding text.  Hazel already looks so much older than the first 2 pics of her!! It is sooo sad :(
Peach sporting a green smoothie mustache

Hazel hanging out in her bouncer before church

look at those flailing legs!

Hazel is big enough for the bumbo!

Kind of potty-training Peach.  She took herself to the toilet w/out prompting for the first time last week!  Don't think that means it's a regular thing though...

wish I could get them to both look at the same time

Hazel can push up sooo much better now.  I need to get a new pic!

Hands down the favorite toy.  The Frog and Peach are always building super-cool stuff.

Hazel can roll tummy to back now!

Peach wanted to show she can roll too :)

Hazel often sits on the dinner table while we eat in front of her.  She makes due and munches her hands.
Phone pic- The Frog loves Hazel to lie down next to him while I sing his bedtime songs.
 This next one requires a bit more than a caption.  I recently had to instate a "no getting on mom & dad's bed when it's made" rule because I was so tired of making my by several times during the day- the kids like hiding in the pillows or worse- dumping covers and pillows on the floor to jump in.  It used to be cute, (ok it still is) but I really hate remaking the bed.
Daphne goes to bed for the night in her own bassinet, but she sleeps with me after she wakes up to eat around midnight or 1am and stays there until she wakes for the day- usually around 8am.  Since I can't make the bed with her in it, the older kids LOVE to run up with me and climb into bed with her and pretend to sleep.
 Getting Hazel out of my bed in the morning is one of my favorite tasks because she never cries.  You have to listen very carefully on the monitor for some kind of motion and when you go in and find her munching on her hands, she looks at you with the biggest, cutest grin ever, like she knows she's just been caught being silly.  It just makes me want to squish her and munch on her cheeks!!  What a cutie!!
The sun has finally been coming out.  It was so warm the other day, we decided to sneak off to the elementary school after dinner.  Hazel got to try out the slide for the first time.  I don't think she even noticed :)

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