Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hair Day

I've never been very forceful about everyone combing their hair every day- probably because The Frog & Peach were bald for so long, it didn't get worked into the daily routine.  I'm wishing now that I had tried harder because Peach puts up quite a fight every morning when I try to comb the rats nests out of her hair.  (which need to be combed out again after her nap...)  For some reason, out of the blue, the other day Peach requested piggie tails.  She actually kept them in for at least 30 minutes too!  (a new record!)
 The Frog must have been feeling left out, because he then requested a mohawk, "Like Eli has"  (a friend from preschool & church).  Here's Mr. GQ now...
The Frog thought Hazel was getting left out of the picture taking, so he suggested we get one of her sitting "all by herself" on the sofa.
 She's apparently deep in thought.
This is just another random photo from another day.  I let the kids get a donut (Peach calls them "bagels") after a cooperative grocery run the other day.  They decided to each get a different flavor and share!  (as opposed to the usual, Peach-copies-The-Frog approach of the past)

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