Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Little of this and That

Some more pictures uploaded from recently:
Maybe this will give you a sense of the child love going on lately (and the mess...)
After finishing The Frog's and Peach's 1st year photo albums, I realized that I NEVER get a picture with the babe because I'm always the one taking the pictures! boo.  I asked Jay to take some photos of Hazel and I one day.

her tongue is a frequent visitor
don't know what's going on here... found her like this

helping me with the laundry
lately, whenever I make bread, The Frog really wants to help.  (it's so cute.  I have to let him!!  Even though whenever I do, Peach wants to help too, and she just eats the dough.  Is that safe?  I get images of her stomach exploding and dough flying all over the kitchen.  Now you know about my wild imagination...)  When he helps with rolls, he just tries to form the rolls (which is so funny to watch.  he looks more like he's about to play baseball) but when I make French bread, he likes to make his own mini loaf.
mini Frog loaf
He is so proud, it's adorable.
I wanted a sibling shot.  Can someone teach me how to get them to take their fingers out of their mouths for photos?!

size comparison
We recently decided to mandate a "stay in your room until 7am" rule to try and get The Frog to sleep in.  Otherwise, he wakes up before 6am to play with toys by himself, and is cranky the rest of the day for being tired.  If we give him a nap, he stays up later in his room, which causes him to wake up early again and the cycle repeats...  Here is the evidence:
The Frog fell asleep at the kitchen table while reviewing his letters with daddy in the afternoon.
After about a week of battling him in the mornings, he now "sleeps in" until 6:45-ish.  Hurrah!  He is SO much more pleasant to be around lately!  (and I get to shower before the kids are up.  PURE HEAVEN!)

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cheryl said...

The sleep stage Jack is in is so hard! Shouldn't it be a law that kids just have to sleep in until 7?! Samara used to eat pizza dough all the time. It only made her sick once and she had eaten ALOT. And she just felt sick to her stomach/was a little constipated. No exploding stomach but I always thought that too! :)